Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Flu Strikes Back

I have two home patients rather than just one. Glenn tested positive for the flu. We just don't know which strain yet. He will be living downstairs for the next 5 days. I don't think he is complaining too much. The TV and Wii are there. However it will be rough taking Abraham to Seattle for appointments, with all the equipment in the morning alone. Abraham is sneezing and has a runny nose. It was so difficult explaining everything to the peds nurse over the phone. The first explanation I got was "if the baby is not sick then there is nothing we can do". He is a bit more complex than the average 4 month old. I explained to her that he was born 14 weeks early, is on oxygen and has chronic lung disease. I was thankful when she suggested giving the message directly to the doctor. The pediatrician called me back and is recommending that we are all treated with Tamiflu. I don't have any symptoms and my immune system is pretty tough, probably from all the years I was a school nurse. In fact I have not had a cold since April 2007. The neurodevelopment clinic cancelled his appointments because of the flu exposure. He won’t be seen until July 21st now. The eye doctor and OT still want him to come. If he needs eye surgery it will have to be done before he is 52 weeks gestation so that appointment can not be postponed. Abe is over 10 pounds now and has been breast/bottle feeding in between tube feedings. He does not do so well with the bottle. It pours out too quickly for him. I have been tracking the information for the OT. They increased the amount he gets in the tube feed by 5 cc so now he gets 80 cc every 3 hours. We still have not had any home therapy. I need to call them to see what the hold up is. Please pray that his eyes have improved, that Glenn will feel better and that Abe and I won't get the flu too.

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