Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get this feeding tube out

I have been trying to get him to breast fed. He shows signs, rooting reflex, that he wants to nurse. During the 8PM hour yesterday night he nursed twice. I did a pre/post weigh on him, pre was 9 pounds 15 oz and post 10.01. His weight on Monday with no clothes or diaper was 9 lbs 5 oz. I am trying to figure out if fluid ounces are the same a solid ounces. Glenn weighed a container of breast milk and an empty container and it showed that 1 ounce of milk equals an ounce. However I don't think he took in 3 oz in 6 minutes especially since it was not continuous for 6 minutes. The doctors prefer that he takes the tube feeding or bottle; probably because this can be measured exactly. I tried to give him the full 75 cc (2 and 1/2 oz) with the Dr. Brown natural flow bottle and he took 40 only to spit most of it up due to a burp that was stuck. He did not seem too happy with the bottle. In fact when I put him up to my shoulder to burp him he was trying to latch on it my shoulder. I have a referral to see the occupational/physical therapist/lactation consultant at Children's however that's a long ways to go. She worked with him since March so it might be worth it for her to see his progress and give suggestions. We are waiting for the home assistance with the Holly Ridge program. So far we get just home medical equipment and a phone nutritional assistance. The Navy/Marine Core nurse is coming in the morning however she is there to weigh him and probably basic newborn/baby care. The service is free and she won't be managing the tube feed or oxygen . She is a retired RN. It might be helpful it may not be. Either way it saves us a trip to the doctor for a weekly weight. Option Care did provide a baby scale for home use. Insurance does not cover the cost of the rental however Option Care indicated that they want bill for renting it. I thought we were going to get some home nursing from Option Care. I guess not, maybe because I am a nurse myself. The second time I had to replace the feeding tube in the home I cried. I did the Wii fit and was so disappointed to see my weight 2 pounds heavier than the day I delivered. I think this week it will be less because I don't get too much time to eat. Since we cancelled the remodel Glenn installed cabinets with counter top, trash compactor and a new screen door. We decided not to get the diaper genie because the trash compacter works great and will serve a dual purpose once he is out of diapers. I found a Bumbo chair on Craigs list for $25. Wow this chair is way over priced. It's $37.00 at Target. Most babies don't use it for very long however Abe will probably need one longer. I was going to buy a "Pump in Style" breast pump however Katie M. pointed out that this is for single users only. I found that the FDA does not approve this pump for multiple users, even with your tubing and other equipment because it is an open verses closed system. I cancelled the purchase. The hospital ones are closed systems. Looks like he has the "Goddard" chin. We all need some sleep.

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