Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need Prayer ASAP

Abe saw neurosurgeon today. CT scan of his brain showed enlarged ventricles (not a new finding for him) which is found with hydrocephalus. He is trying to do a wait and see in on the decision to place a permanent VP shunt. Abe has been taking more oral feeds either breast feeding or bottle. Sometimes his whole amount so we can skip the tube feeding. However tonight he was awake from 2:45PM until 7:10 happy playful and even smiling. Then he took his whole 82 cc by bottle, vomited pretty much the whole amount so I bathed him. After his bath he became unresponsive. I debated if I should call 911 instead I called Glenn who was downstairs to come and let me know what him thinks. I had him off the oxygen and monitor while bathing. (oxygen was on for some of the bath). I thought his color looked a little gray, Glenn thought a little pale. His oxygen monitor showed 83-88%. I put his oxygen back on him and he still was only a little responsive even with the oxygen monitor showing 90-96%. I blew in his face and his eyes twitched a little but not as much as usual. He became himself again, crying and responsive. I called the peds on call doctor. She suggested that he goes to ER. The ER doctor felt comfortable to discharge him back home. He is fine now however we are not sure of the exact cause of this. Was it a seizure, apenic spell, fluid aspiration from the bottle feed or water from the bath or a side of effect of the Tamiflu. Tamiflu is not recommended for infants under the age of 1. He has been on this twice. Thankfully it was his last dose. He seemed to do better on it last time. However I am also on it and I am sure some of the dose is in the breast milk. I am nervous to go to sleep tonight however I have been up since 4:30AM so I know I need to sleep. Pray that he will continue to be fine, that if it was a seizure that he won't have another one and that no further brain damage occurred as a result and that all of us can get some sleep. Right now he is happy with his binky and monitor indicates 97% on his oxygen saturations (good).

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