Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine flu, oh no!!!

"Abe the babe" will be going home on Thursday. The home health agency is coming tomorrow for teaching. When I got back from lunch today I noticed his room mate was gone. The resident came in to tell me that her viral screen came back positive for the H1N1 AKA "swine flu". She had to tell me this information to explain why he will he will need Tamiflu. Abraham is not showing any symptoms however he is having episodes of low oxygen, 84-87% while sleeping. The Tamiflu will be used for 10 days just because of exposure not because he has it. The resident told me that his room mate did not have any symptoms of the flu however her viral screen was positive. Oh great just when we are close to discharge his room mate had to be positive for this. Also the mom would walk into the room without washing or gelling her hands. She brought other children with her too. I let her hold some of the pictures of Abraham too. Abraham has chronic lung disease so he is more likely to develop respiratory infections and have a more difficult time recovering too. The hospital is advising that will not be bringing him to church for awhile due to the risk of infection. Unlike other babies respiratory infections can be fatal to him. Please pray that Abraham, Glenn and myself will not become ill with the flu. I have a pretty strong immune system however the stress level is high and sleep is low. I am trying to load up on vitamin C. I hope my breast milk will protect him. I forgot to see if we also need Tamiflu since she was the room mate since Saturday night. I have watched multiple family members and staff not gel in and gel out of his room. I see this because I am right by the door. He is going to have a busy day: circumcision, eye exam and car seat challenge. His low oxygen might be related to the increased feeding time (over 1/2 hour) and because of reflux or a sign of infection. I have only seen him do it a few times today however I am not sure what it related to yet. I saw the low oxygen even before I knew about his room mate's viral panel and I was already questioning infection as a cause. We have a new room mate, hopefully one that is not contagious. She is a baby too. I am not sure how old she is however the size 1 diapers are too small for her. Abraham wears size one however he is growing quickly.

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