Monday, May 18, 2009

Going home

Wow we are finally going home this week. The anticipated discharge day is Thursday. Glenn is getting groceries and diapers today. He will be on home tube feedings every 3 hours day and night. The hospital schedule is 3,6,9,12. The tube feeding goes over 1 hour. He will also go home on oxygen as well. I finally met with the discharge planner today. She is working on getting authorization for home nursing, home tube feeding and oxygen equipment and breast pump rental. Abraham is getting his circumcision tomorrow with one of the NICU doctors. In fact it's the doctor that admitted him. I will probably be sleep deprived at home however at least we will be at home. We still don't have our house unpacked but we will get that worked out. We appreciate all the support that was extended to us during this trying time. It is still an uphill battle but it's getting easier.

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