Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Got Milk???

Abraham is trying to breastfeed. He is getting more successful each time however he still fusses a lot and gets frustrated. He did very well tonight. However I was advised not to adjust the amount of tube feed when he nurses so I gave him the whole 75 cc and he just puked. He breast fed for 1/2 hour. Despite throwing up he happy even though it was a little more than the average spit up. He has another doctor's appointment. I plan to mention this and get their advice. He wakes up before his tube feeds, sometimes an hour or 1 hour and 20 minutes before schedule. He has some normal newborn reflexes: startle and rooting. When I hold him upright on my chest he moves down (normal baby thing). He loves to be awake in the early morning hours and nap in the afternoon. (Mommy is not a morning person however). I am holding him right now and he is trying to turn his head around to look at the computer screen. I know that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV until age 3 due to the visional effects and link to the development of learning disorders. However I am not sure if computer counts. When I was a kid TV programs moved much slower; Now you can watch the news and read additional news plus see flashes of the upcoming program. Classroom teachers don't move as quickly around the classroom as the TV effects do. The doctor recommended at his last appointment that he is exposed to sharp lines and black and white contrast to strenghten his eye muscles. Glenn made him a cover for this wedges (a foam incline that is recommended for babies with reflux). One is a black and white checker board;the other one has checker board plus cherries. He is going to get a bath tonight. Does anyone have any advice on a baby carrier or sling that is recommended for premature babies with poor head control? We are working on head control but he has a ways to go. I want to try to put him in a carrier/sling so that around the house I just need to move the oxygen sat probe and tube feeding (if it's meal time). We spend most of our time in the bedroom since all the equipment is in there. However I need to unpack the house which makes it difficult for me to monitor him. He wants to play now.


  1. If you are looking for something for him to watch we have discovered the Baby Einstein videos and they move pretty slow and are geared for babies. Lots of sounds and bright colors. They have Baby Bach, Baby Bethoveen and Baby Mozart for the 0-3 month age group. The next group introduces colors, animals and baby sign. Andrew loves them and gets very excited when I tell him it is show time.

    I am so glad he is home and you all are doing good. We are still praying for you!
    Love you, Aubri

  2. about the holder . I preferred the sling across your chest from your shoulder to the waist across your back. It held to baby real well against you and you could switch side if you wanted. it also kept the head & body real snug . I need not like the one you put in front of you because the head was not held enough it could flop left or right.
    You could make on the computer a few very simple graphics in black & white and a few with one color and put those in a slow slideshow. See what he likes. Your doing real good all of you.

  3. I have heard that the recommended amount of tv for children under 2 years is none. Studies have shown that babies who watch "baby tv" do not score as high on tests later as children who watch no tv before 2 years. Caden watches tv with Brenden now that he is 9 months old. Not like I can really keep him from watching it.

  4. I have a great sling that you can tighten down and andjust to your needs and can support his head. I have two and not using either right now. When I get back in town I can bring them over if you would like to try one. So great to hear about you guys at home!

  5. karen they have great slings over at village maternity in university village in seattle, I think as long as Abe is snug to control the head then your good since to my knowledege there are not slings made special for preemie babies.