Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally Home

I finally got to leave the hospital yesterday. They said I was too cute and healthy to stick around a hospital full of sick people, especially those with the flu. My mommy and daddy worried so much that my kitty cats would be jealous of me. Last night, Cali and Angel (my kitties) made sure that mommy woke me to feed me, also if my oxygen alarm went off they made sure to wake mommy up. They smell me and look at me but they don't hiss or harm me. If I don't show any signs of allergy or respiratory distress then we can keep the kitties. We had a few visitors last night and I wanted to show off so I pulled out my NG tube. Mommy put one back down because it was time for my 9PM feed. I had a circumcision then an eye exam all in one day, what was my mommy thinking. My eyes are still immature and the eye doctor does not have any explanation for it. My mommy had to watch whole exam and she cried. They opened my eyes with metal clips then used another metal clip to see other parts of my eyes. I have to another one. You other babies out there or so lucky that you don't have to one of these exams. My mommy is holding me and typing at the same time. I won't be at church or other places for awhile since I am on oxygen, a monitor and tube feedings. My mommy is hoping that I out grow my need for oxygen and a monitor. I hate to combine good news with bad news however this message is for Nurse Tara in Canada. I don't have direct way to contact you. Jasper , a baby that has been in the NICU at Seattle Children's for a very long time is in heaven now.


  1. I am so happy for the whole Goddard family!!! The good news made me tear up a little. I remember, it seems like yesterday, when baby Abe came and there was much fear and concern that he would never make it home. God is good!!! So, Karen, how are you handling being his primary care now. Are you stressed or overwhelmed, or relieved? Is Glenn going to work now?

  2. Hi Karen,
    I met you in February at Fisher House and have been following Abraham's Journey ever since. He has come such a long way and I am so glad he is finally home!
    Remember to take care of YOU!
    You are all in my prayers,

  3. Karen,
    I'm so glad you have your sweet little abe the babe at home now, enjoy this time of not having us nurses looking over your shoulder and just being with your baby. Thanks for passing along the news about Jazz man, it is never easy since we never know how long our journey on this earth will be, but he came and did what he needed to.
    I'll still be checking your blog since i hope that you'll continue to write it even though your home now.


  4. Karen,
    So nice to have met you and Abraham at the hospital (in between visits for Summer) NICU life seems like a distant memory for will son for you too!

    Yeah for Abraham! I am so happy you all made it home. Life will be busy and full of ups and downs, but full and happy :) Good luck with everything...I will pray for Abraham's good health :)

    Love, Melanie and Summer Cameron