Saturday, April 18, 2009

Six pounds plus

Abraham's weight is up to 6 pounds 12 oz. His oxygen requirements have decreased over the last week, he is between 21% (room air) and 45% depending on what is going on with him. He is still on high flow oxygen (helps keep his immature air ways open and stimulates him to breath). He is on 2 liters, was on 3-4 liters last week. This is good. His head size is up 2 cm in 10 days which is either good or bad growth. Typically it is normal for a baby's head to grow 1/2 cm to 1 cm a week. His is growing too rapidly however his whole body was too. This could mean that he needs the shunt placed. He had a ultrasound of his head done yesterday. I don't know if there were any changes or not. He is on straight breast milk, 2 ounces every 3 hours with the NG tube. He is still doing Binky training once daily. He takes 1-5 cc (1 tsp is 5 cc) of breast milk during this. he has a very long way before he can breast feed or even bottle feed like a normal baby. However he is currently going on 37 weeks gestation so he is considered a "term baby" now. Glenn is currently holding him. He tolerates being held more often. He is on caffeine still, thyroid medication, calcium, sodium phosphate and iron daily. I am going to check on his ultrasound and if he still needs the thyroid medication. New pictures will be updated later.


  1. Thank God for the precious gift that this little baby is! Thank you for keeping us updated on how he is doing, I check in every day and am always so excited when there is good news!

  2. Hola, Karen, Glenn & lil' Abraham! Janet from San Diego. I hadn't stopped by for a visit, for a while. Sorry! Wow! Little Abe sure has grown! He is so cute in his little clothes!

    Sorry to hear about the vehicle problems, hope those have been resolved.

    Miss you guys! Jan