Thursday, April 30, 2009


Abraham has made progress this week. His weight is up and down but he fits newborn clothes and looks healthier. He is still on continuous NG tube feeding 21 cc hour however he is doing better with Binky training if he stays awake long enough. He is crying less when he sleeps too. I think the reflux was really bothering him however he is on medication for this. This thyroid level is in normal range and he is a little bigger and older so temperature control should be stable. There is a NICU term "little wimpy white boys". Apparently premature boys of Caucasian decent are typically in the NICU longer than girls or boys of other ethnicity. Not sure why however nurses that have been NICU nurses for 30 years see this trend frequently. He is almost all long as the isolette mattress so it's time for a "big boy crib". He kicks his blankets off and they find his feet at the end of the isolette. He is going to be a very active, busy little boy. He tries to seek out the breast however gets frustrated because he is not able to eat this way. However his nurse today felt that this was a good sign that he might breast feed in the future. She recommended more practice. She also told me to go to You tube and search NICU cribs. Ther eis a funny video about the isolette. While at that website I also found: I think my sister told me about this before however my brain was on overload. He had an episode of low oxygen, in the 40s and turned gray when he fell asleep in my arms. This was scary and she had to turn his oxygen way up to 60%. He recovered quickly however he still requires medical intervention. I am so nervous about him being transferred to the medical unit because the nurses have 3-4 patients at one time. He is not ready yet but is getting one step closer. He will will in an open crib when I come back in the morning. His next eye exam in next week. Please pray that his ROP has not progressed. I met a nursing instructor from Seattle Pacific University on the elevator. She asked me some questions about the picture on my parent badge (Abe's picture) and I told her about him and how difficult it was because I know too much because I was a nurse with a master's degree. I also told her that I considered nursing education. She had me speak to her students during their lunch meeting. I was able to maintain a professional demeanor and not get emotional while discussing my experience of having a premature baby in the NICU. In other situations I get very emotional or influence other people to cry. After her students left she told me that I would be an excellent nursing instructor. She is a clinical instructor and a nurse practitioner. She went to UW like I did. In the future I do see myself seeking an educator role however right now I feel that my family especially Abraham needs my undivided attention. Glenn is very ill. He sounds awful when we talk on the phone. He is not sleeping because of coughing and congestion. He also has a fever and body aches too. He is not one to ask for help either however I arranged from someone from church to bring him some juice and soup. I don't think there is a lot of food in the house in Bremerton. If I was home I would take care of him but I can't be there. The nurses are advising me to take care of myself and stay healthy so I can take care of Abraham. Glenn will be staying in Bremerton this weekend. Hopefully he will be well next weekend so that he can come back to Seattle. Please pray for Glenn, my sisters, one had surgery and one lost her job. From what I heard from some travel nurses in the NICU nurses are having difficulties finding jobs in Washington.

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