Saturday, April 11, 2009


Abraham has had some set backs. He is back in an isolette because he can't regulate his body temperature; He was getting too cold. He was on 4 liters of oxygen; was on 2 liters for several days. The lower the oxygen liter flow the better. Caffeine was re-started because he was having episodes of not breathing that required CPR ( breathing part, not compressions). He was self recovering however he required to be "bagged", CPR twice yestersday. It was very scary to see his oxygen level in the 50's (should be 88-93%) and heart rate in the 60's (should be over 100). He was gray and not moving and did not start breathing again despite: uncovering his blankets, touching his chest and talking to him. The only started breathing again with CPR. He started crying and moving his arms around again so the nurse was able to stop CPR. They think he might have a bladder infection however at this point they are not starting antibiotics. They are waiting to see what the culture says. If they do he might need an IV again. They might also try oral antibiotics. Infection in premature babies can be a cause of difficulties with temperature, breathing and heart rate. Sorry if this is not making sense right now, I am using a computer at the hospital and the kid on a computer next to me is listening to abnoxious music that is annoying the heck out of me. Glenn is currently holding Abraham right now so I am taking a break. So far today he not required CPR.


  1. Love the new pictures. Have you moved to a new room?

  2. Suzanne, we are still in the same room. He is not stable enough to be transfered to a regular pediatric unit. He required CPR twice on Friday