Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Abraham has the cutest dimple on his check. He is doing "binky training" daily. The occupational therapist recommended getting him familiar with the breast since this will be his food source some day. I did this tonight when I held him I almost felt that I was doing something that would harm him. I questioned what if he latched on and aspirated some milk into his lungs. He is still learning the whole suck, swallow and breath aspects of eating. His suck was pretty weak however he was falling asleep and he had an immunization to prevent RSV (respiratory virus); Therefore no milk came out. Thankfully RSV season will soon be over. I toured the medical unit today. There is more window views and two parents can sleep at the bedside. Some rooms have smaller pull out beds than others. There is limited storage space for breast milk too however the charge nurse said that she would figure something out. He is still having low (A's and B's, apnea (low oxygen level) and bradycardia (low heart rate). This occurred mostly after his tube feedings however also at random times too. Some times he self corrects and sometimes he needs simulation to remember "you need to breath". Suzanne (Navy wife) made and sewed on little labels on his clothes. The labels are so cute. She came to meet Abraham today and brought cookies, yummy. Hopefully I will save some for Glenn. He passed the hearing screen however will require a more advanced one later. His eye exam is in the morning. Since he does not have any IVs he won't be getting morphine this time. They will give him his binky dipped in sugar water. I think I should be there to assist and comfort him. Maybe they will give him tylenol too. On the premature baby growth chart he is 50th precentile for weight and 90th for height. Like I said before tall and skinny. They decided that he did not need formula added to the breast milk. They still add a few supplements though. His roommate's mother started asking me questions about pumping breast milk so I advised her to ask for lactation consultant. English is not her first language so there is a bit of a language barrier for her. I let the nurse know that she had some questions. I was glad that I was able to help her. I think she feels more comfortable speaking to other mothers than the staff. Please pray that the eye exam is not painful and that Glenn is coping well. The re-modeling cost was estimated at $160 thousand. So now we are only going to re-model the kitchen and put down new flooring. Hopefully his works in our budget. I really want a dishwasher however we would need to space for this. Also if Glenn receives orders to move and/or Abraham needs a wheelchair some day the house would need to be wheelchair accessible so why bother with major, expensive remodeling. I think Glenn is having a hard time with this because he promised me that we would expand the house so that it's more liveable for a family. Please pray for me to be thankful that Glenn has a job, Abraham's has great medical coverage and that our house will meet our family's needs.

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  1. Karen,

    Thank YOU for yesterday--great conversation and the opportunity to meet your precious BEAUTIFUL sweet little son. I am glad to know that he is passig his tests already and that the hearing test went well. I will keep you both in my prayers as I know Glenn described the eye exam in all its painful detail. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers daily and we know that with Gods presence in your life you will climb out of the dark valley and into the sun. Peace, my dear.