Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Preconception Counseling Appointment #2

My urinary tract problems should be under control since the diverticum was removed. I had a second preconception counseling appointment however this time it was with the doctor that actually did the c-section and was there for the whole experience. The Madigan doctor was very knowledgeable however she felt the uterus is not heart shaped but rather it was a contraction. The doctor that did the c-section saw the uterus himself and said it is not heart shaped but that I do have an arcuate uterus. Here is a resource, it is a UK website but has useful information that is easy to read http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/complications/uterusabnormal/. That being said there is risk of miscarriage or premature labor and delivery however the fact I had a 26 week premature delivery is a bigger risk that the actual shape of the uterus in his opinion. He did not say that we should not have another baby but it won't be without risks. Some of those risk include premature labor and delivery and Down Syndrome due to my age. The medications and the surgeries I have had are not an issue with the timing of when to try to conceive. The things I was advised to do before conception include taking prenatal vitamins daily, which I used to be very good at doing but have significantly slacked over the last few years, check rubella immunity since this can be cause severe problems for a developing baby, tetanus shot since my is outdated, well women exam and 10 pound weight loss. If we do conceive Keflex daily to prevent bladder infections, weekly progesterone (17-OHP) injections at 16-36 weeks and vaginal ultrasounds to check cervical length 14-26 weeks. No genetic testing is recommended prenatally since all of Abe's medical problems are related to premature birth and not genetics. The goal of a second pregnancy would be to carry until at least 35 weeks gestation. Since I have PCOS and endometriosis I have absolutely no idea if I can get pregnant again. I got pregnant very quickly with Abraham but every pregnancy is different. Only God knows if we will have another baby at all and if we do if she or he will be healthy or have special needs. Prior to all of this we had planned not to use any sort of birth control but due to all the trauma of a 2 lbs baby hanging on for life and death we decided that it was the best option. Also that we would make an informed decision prior to thinking about having another baby. I came from a big family however I think one more kid would be a great fit for our family. We will be waiting some time so that I can lose some of the weight and pray some more about it.

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