Friday, October 28, 2011

MRI/cat update

Glenn and Abe went to Seattle for the day. An animal shelter on the Seattle side accepted both cats. Cali may even have a new home. Angel on the other hand does not do well with change so she is on hold to be observed before being an "adoptable" cat. I honestly don't know if I ever want another animal ever again. It caused a lot of stress and strain and I don't want to go thru that again. I would love to get Abe a therapy dog, a chocolate lab actually, but not if we would ever need to get rid of him or her. I had no idea it would be that much trouble it would to find a new place for the cats. Before we ever get a dog for Abe I would definitely want to make sure that no one in the family is allergic. Glenn and Abe had a blast in Seattle even with an MRI and flu shot for Abe. The MRI showed no change in the subdural hematoma so he does not have to see neurosurgery for 1 year. This is awesome news. They went to Mcdonalds twice in one day too since traffic was horrible. My bleeding and pain has decreased since I have been resting and the fighting has lessen. Abe says "ball" now and is proud of himself. He carries a ball around the house saying "ball, ball, ball". So much for a kid that was supposed to be in a vegetative state if he survived. Thank you God for blessing our family with such a beautiful and smart boy.

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