Wednesday, June 22, 2011


That's right there is talk of a G-tube(tube surgically implanted in the belly) if he does not gain weight this summer. Poor thing when he is sick he does not want to eat and loses weight and when he is constipated he does not want to eat and he vomits. The first year of his life he had horrible reflux and was admitted 5x for respiratory viruses. Also when it is super hot outside he tends to vomit and does not want to eat. Our house gets very hot even with fans and window ACs. Due to recent safety concerns in our neighborhood I have not felt safe to open windows especially at night. Abe's constipation seems to be under control with the use of prune juice and daily Miralax. Benefiber was suggested to me too however the bottle says not for use for kids under 6 years old.I am waiting to hear back from Children's GI doctor on this. The peds GI nurse said that she was not sure so she is checking with the doctor. His nutrition appointment at Madigan is at the end of July and August for GI. I wish he could see nutrition at Children's however it sounds like he has to see the one in the military system. It is so much easier to see one at children's when we have another appointment than go all the way to Madigan for one appointment. Abe has been enjoying swimming. I try to take him 1-2 week but some weeks we miss due appointments. His sleep safe bed is coming next week. Not sure where a 9 foot bed is going to go in our house but he needs it. That is it for now. I need to read to Abe for the summer reading program.

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