Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Very Skinny Baby

I wish I could say the Very Hungry Catepiller but Abe has not been wanting to eat very much lately. He weighs a little over 22 lbs. So that means he has only gained 2 lbs since August 2010. However he did lose 2 lbs while at Phoenix Children's Hospital. he is not wasting away because he has muscle mass. I wonder if he has body structure that I had growing up but
Glenn's height. he is definately us kid, stuborn and all, lol. He has had bouts of constipation then diarrhea and has vomited a few times over the last few days. Our house has been very hot but he vomited a lot more on Wednesday when we were outside which was cooler than our house. The outside temperature was nice too so not sure what is going on with him. He also had blood in his stool. I have been giving him prune juice with water and it seemed to help. I really don't want him dependant on Mirlax so I am trying to increase fruits, veggies and prune juice. The ARNP at Children's is recommending an x-ray of his abdomen to rule out an obstruction. She asked me if I felt he neededs ER and I did feel he needed to be rushed to ER so he will see a doctor at Naval in the morning. She is familiar with him but has never seen him for an appointment. His pediatrician is retiring so we are working on outside one that accepts Tricare and feels comfortable with a kid so complex. There was a doctor recommended to us because she has NICU experience. She is not accepting any new patients, Tricare or other insurance since someone is having a baby. I added peanut butter back into his diet today and I did not see any problems with an allergic reaction. Before it may have just been because he was getting sick and got synagist too. He needs his hib vaccination too but this will further contribute to loss of appetite. If he does not gain weight there is talk of a g-tube. However we are not there yet but there is a potential. I am pushing cows milk with whipping cream added, cheddar cheese, butter,mayo, hummus with butter mixed in and cottage cheese however I bought the 2% cottage cheese and not the whole milk kind. You would think with all the McDonald's chicken sandwiches and cheeseburgers he eats he would be a fat kid. I know I have gained back the weight I lost when I had the gallbladder problem. I am also pushing protein like chicken and eggs too. I plan to make both of these and mix with mayo.

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