Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dare Devil Abe

Abe is progressing right along, still severely developmentally delayed but progressing. He will sign "more" and "please", sometimes without any prompting too. We are working on him feeding himself still. He still does not like crunchy textures. His sleep safe bed came and it is wonderful. Thanks to Tricare for covering the cost expect for the ECHO copay. He still wakes up at night but not as often and I don't have to worry about him banging his head on the sides since it padded. Glenn has been home for a few weeks now. He will be on shore duty finally, after 17 years of nothing but sea time. The last few weeks have been super busy for us. The only place we could put the bed is in the front room where he plays. So he has limited play room at home now. We never heard back from Extreme Home Make Over but they get 1, 000 applications daily.With Abe's other medical equipment, wheelchair, stander with wheels and a high/lo activity chair we put in an offer on home that is single story. It is still being built. The offer was accepted and they are even putting in an ADA ramp into the house. It is on 3.5 acres and won't be as noisy or busy as the current area we live in. Our current neighborhood has calmed down some since the neighbor's room mate left a few weeks ago. Abe has been so excited and determined to climb up the steps to get the slides at playgrounds. He will even initiate going down head first. He is still having constipation issues but his appetite comes and goes. He sees the nutritionist next week. He is going to speech therapy weekly which has helped him with communication. It is so neat to see his progress all by adding speech once a week. We are going to try to combine speech and pt on the same day since we are moving next month. We also have considered doing couponing and not have Internet on our phones. We will be super busy in the Fall with therapies almost daily. Plus I might need surgery on my urethra since there is an extra pocket that is contributing to my frequent bladder infections. I will be meeting with my Elizabeth project mentor which I am so excited to learn how to be more like Christ from her. She is a RN too but is working. I let my RN license expire. I also signed up for the Newlife special needs bible study. I just hope that I am not banned or blocked from the group like I was with Newlife mom's group. I really have no idea why I was blocked either. Oh well maybe I hurt someone's feelings or God forbid my kid is different than theirs. Yes Abe is different and may never do the things that other kids do but he is God's miracle and every day we are more and more proud of him. Please pray that I get over the hurt I am experiencing knowing that I was excluded from a group that my other friends are part of. That is it for now. I will try to continue updating this, especially after Abe gets his weight checked again. Please pray that will grow and not require a G tube.

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