Friday, May 20, 2011

Video script

this is a rough draft of what I might include in the video.We still need someone to help us do the video since it requires the people to be in the video and Glenn is out to sea. Deadline is May 30 so we would need to get it done this week.
Video part:

Introduction: Hi ABC we are the Goddard family. I am Karen I am 37 (well almost, a few more days until I am), this is Abraham he is 2 years old and Glenn also 37. Glenn is currently deployed with the United States Navy on with (name of boat) I left this out on the blog for safety reasons.

Two years ago Glenn and I moved back to our home in (city, state, again left out for safety reasons on blog). I was six months pregnant at this time. We had no idea that I would go into full blown labor at 26 weeks gestation and have to be faced with decisions to about continuing life support for our son Abraham. Abraham was flown to a hospital with the neonatal intensive care unit. His breathing tube dislodged so he was oxygen deprived which caused brain bleeds and later the development of hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. He has had several surgeries and hospital admissions.

My family is unique because are a family that has faced life and death situations with our son from the first day of his life. In addition we are a military family which means my husband has been away from our home for fifteen months. This has left me here alone in Washington to care for our special needs son, getting him to and from his appointments and therapies, manage our home and the difficulties it has while Glenn is away serving our country for the Navy.

When Abraham came home from the NICU Glenn did some volunteer work with the State Liquor patrol to monitor for people that are driving under the influence. I help women learn to care for their skin and make up application tips at no cost with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

My family has over came adversity by making our home

Our life would improve if our house is made over because I would no longer have to worry about how a wheelchair and other medical equipment will fit in our home. In addition it would give Abe the freedom and space he needs to explore his environment so he can develop.

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