Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MRI results

I called last week to get my results. I actually spoke directly to the urologist. The MRI did not show cancer but I do have a dilation of the urethra which might require surgical intervention if bladder infections are too problematic. The dilation can cause urine and bacteria to collect there and cause an infection that does not always show up on UA or cultures. Hopefully if I have symptoms I will be taken care even with negative UAs and cultures. I prefer to not take antibiotics all the time but I really don't like bladder infection symptoms. It is especially difficult when you have a small kid that does not walk. I have been better at drinking water and not holding it even if that means I have to unload a stroller on the ferry and go upstairs. I am so happy no cancer. I worried so much about how would Glenn care for Abe alone if it were a fast acting cancer but I don't have that stress now. I will know further details if I truly have a heart shaped uterus at my appointment in June. If I don't have a heart shaped uterus then I am not sure why I delivered Abe at 26 weeks gestation. I took him swimming today and he loved it. Believe it or not it is 9pm and he is fast asleep in his crib. I think the days he does not nap he actually sleeps better at night than the days he does nap. There is no hard and fast rule that every 2 year must nap at the exact same time for the exact same number of hours. Every kid and situation is different. I bet he is so tired from swimming. Too bad I can't take him every single day but he already has a lot going on. Still waiting on speech therapy referral since Neurodevelopmental ARNP wants weekly instead of monthly.

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  1. Praise the Lord to be cancer free! So thankful to hear the news!!

    My boys stopped napping at 18 months, the evenings were a bit rough, but they slept so much sounder at night and were actually less cranky during the day (especially after I stopped fighting them for hours trying to get them to nap). Every child is different, that is for certain.

    Glad to hear Abe loved swimming! We incorporated swimming as one of our therapies, but we waited till an older age because yes - we just couldn't fit it all in at once. I'd love to do horse riding as therapy, but gah - that's expensive! LOL

    Did you go to Coreys Day Out? This was our first year of not going - since the boys are mainstreamed, they didn't qualify with their current school. Last year, the rules were different at a different school.

    Tina Waldher