Monday, May 16, 2011

Proudest acheivement for home make over application

Prior to Abraham's extremely premature birth, I would have described earning my Masters in Nursing and Glenn's advancement to Chief in the United States Navy as the two things we are most proud of. Now achievements are measured in milestones and periods of no inpatient hospital stays. These milestones including: living through the airlift to Madigan neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), enduring hours of CPR on arrival there, coming home for the first time after one hundred and seven days in the hospital. Abe over came a lot before he even left the hospital but he still had much to learn. He learned to breastfeed after months of tube feeding, lift his head, roll and now army crawls. Abe is also learning to communicate through simple signs and words. These moments fill our hearts with joy and pride that our miracle son survived. We are also proud that we stayed strong as a couple during the roller coaster of emotions and medical status changes that are part of NICU life. Our desire to work together as a couple to provide the best life for our son is our proudest achievement. In order to provide for our family Glenn has spent fifteen months away from our family serving our country in the United States Navy. I have been here to manage the house, the numerous medical appointments and therapies, the pets, and the upkeep of the house. Our proudest achievement simply stated is making our world a place where our son can grow and thrive.

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