Saturday, March 5, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Glenn is up for new orders soon. We need pray in order to make the best decisions for our family. It has been tougher than I expected having him gone this long. I have noticed several postings on face book about other military wives doing all these projects while their husbands are gone. I guess mine should be to finally unpack our house. Abe is still sick but his oxygen level was 98% on room air and heart rate was normal. I have not even taken him to the pediatrician this time. He did however see the ARNP at Children's and his ears were red but he was screaming. Any kid's ears would be red if they were screaming. If it seems he is not getting better or getting worse I will have him checked out. I forgot to mention that he was accepted into the Starlight Children's Foundation. They provide tickets to social events. We have not been able to attend any of the events yet but am looking forward to it. This would be a great way to escape the reality we face daily and connect with other special needs families and kids. This week at Naval Hospital I was there for a long time waiting to talk to a nurse about UTI symptoms. It was rather annoying to have to wait but I saw a family with a special needs kid that knew nothing about the Military Special Families Support Group. I was able to provide them information about it. What is interesting is there kid is almost 11 and they have lived in the area for 10 years now. I hope they join the group because this group of people have been awesome at advocating for our family. Also this month I want to do more with Mary Kay since it is uplifting and positive.

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