Friday, December 17, 2010

Prayer Request

All I can say is at least this did not happend while I was pregnant or when Abe has been in hospital
I have had 2 gallbladder attacks In 4 days. This included a 430am trip to ER by ambulance. The pain is currently controlled with non-fat and low-fat diet. The ultrasound revealed gallstones and a general surgery consult was placed. My appointment is today. This would be simple if Glenn were homebut the reality of military life is he is not. There is potential for emergency surgery but we are praying for it to be scheduled and a plan in place. So far I am working on a plan with the assistance of the Military Special Families Support Group, SBC and friends. I found a medical POA for Abe while I am in surgery in case he requires medical attention. Prayer request include: pain is controled with diet, gallbladder does not become infected, plan goes smoothly, Abe stays healthy and for Glenn to possibly be present to care for us. There will be diet, driving, and lifting restrictions after surgery.We get Abe's sleep study results today then my appointment. So a busy day. We probably won't be at Madigan NICU party this weekend.Thank you friends and family for caring for us

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