Sunday, December 12, 2010

Clap your hands, 22 months

Wow Abe is 22 months old now, can you believe it? Almost 2 years ago we were faced with decisions to continue CPR and keep life support on. Now we can't keep him in one place or from dropping stuff off the counter where his highchair is. He waves hi and bye and claps his hands. He even stopped breastfeeding because I told him to clap his hands. What a mean mommy. He is still breastfeeding so the pumping days are way over except during illness and hospitalizations. His last hospital stay was in Arizona in September. We are planning to keep him out of that place. He sees pulmonary this week to get the sleep study results. He is currently on antibiotics are an ear infection and I have was sick as well. He is doing well and mantained his eating, drinking and oxygen so he stayed at home. He will be starting speech therapy in January, should have been sooner but I don't think anyone wanted to modify his ISFP. I have asked repeatly when will he start speech therapy. His birthday party will be January 30 or the day before Super Bowl Sunday 2011, the 5th I think. He still wakes up all night but I will begin a breastfeeding night time wean soon. My plan is to continue to breast feed until May or maybe even longer. After all it took him 14 months to learn and it provides immune protection for him and decreases the breast cancer risk for me. I asked for a referal to the Madigan OB/GYN (would handle high risk pregnancies or other complex GYN things) I discuss the benefits/risks/recommendations for future children. Glenn does not come back for 6 months but they recommend the earlier the better. Glenn agrees that I should begin talking to them before he returns. Not sure I can mentally, physically, emotionally or spirtuality go through went I have already went thru and continue to go thru but every pregnancy is different and now they will return my calls and listen to my concerns. No firm decisions have been made in this area. We have no idea if I can even get pregnant as easliy as I did before or if I could carry to term. We ask for prayer for guidance for this. Glenn's skype name is abrahamgoodard and mine is lilnurse98 if anyone would like to skype. Not even sure if anyone follows this blog any more or not since most pictures are posted on facebook.

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