Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No fat

My surgery is scheduled for January 2011 unless an emergency arises. So far been doing fine but so difficult to follow non/low fat diet at this time of the year. The chocolate cake at the Madigan NICU party was tempting but I skipped it, not worth the pain or having to have gallbladder surgery due to an infected organ. Glenn might get to come home but not 100% official. Honestly I think his job here at home caring for a breastfed baby that won't be able to for 3 days will be more difficult than what he is currently doing. I plan to ask Abe's doctor if I would need to wait 3 days post op to resume breastfeeding. The surgeon said I would need to pump and dump. Just when I thought my pumping days were over. I will give an update on this later. I could be wrong but when Abe gets mad he bangs his head into you and it hurts plus he crys and fusses. I am just hoping and praying to remind stable until the surgery. The pain was worse than kidney stones. The gallstone is 1.7 cm so is considered to be large. The recovery should be easy but lifting and bending restrictions so I would not be able to care for Abe after surgery. We are waiting to hear more from Glenn if everything is good to go. Abe is trying to sit up but can't make it. He does not fall over though but rather slowly lowers his body to the floor. He will start speech therapy in January and will continue PT, OT and therapy class. His sleep study was completely normal. I need to start a night time breastfeeding wean but not sure the timing is right. I need energy to get ready for surgery. Please pray that I remain stable, Abe stays healthy and Glenn makes home and back safely.

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