Sunday, August 10, 2014

Taking a break

Respite is here today so Glenn and I are going to take a break. I do wonder how someone else can care for both boys in this situation. I don't want Luke running around in the hospital room because too much bio-hazards to get into. I know my boy and he will go straight for the bin labeled bio-hazard or the trash and power cords.  Luke is extremely active boy so being stuck in the Ergo, stroller and pack n play has not been much fun for him. He does enjoy the playroom especially the push toys but the play room closes at 4pm Friday-Sundays. On other days I had a friend or respite provider take Luke to the playroom or stay with Abe. This will be the first time I leave both boys under the care of the respite provider and the Abe under the care of the nurses. Abe has mobility restrictions, no walking, crawling or standing unless in PT but he did enjoy riding in the little red car at the playroom. Hopefully soon enough he will be allowed to crawl again because on Friday he really wanted to get down and crawl around next  to Luke. Abe does have some pain but is not always developmentally able to say that he is in pain but will start crying and not tolerate being able to move around. Eventually his pain will subside I know after my surgeries my pain eventually went away but  none of my surgeries were as major and never back surgery so I really have no idea. I do know that children heal incredibly fast and adapt much better than adults do. Monday Abe has a full schedule of PT and OT and respite is coming again so hopefully mommy can get a break. I am hoping to get to bed before midnight since the schedule is so packed but that is exactly what is necessary for full benefits after a SDR. In case you did not check it out yet go to Seattle Children's Website and search "SDR", a video series about the procedure is on their. Dr. Browd in the video placed Abe's VP shunt when he was a baby and Dr. Apkon is his outpatient rehabilitation doctor. She is currently not doing inpatient but said we request her if we wanted to. I appreciate her wiliness to accept an inpatient assignment right now however doctor's need a break too. I am not a doctor but I can imagine having inpatient duty is more time consuming and you work more hours than outpatient.  

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