Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Riding a trike

Today was another busy day. Slowly adapting to life in the hospital setting. This is Abe's 8th admission since he was born but our first one with another child in tow. Luke is enjoying the playroom. Since we did not have respite today they gave us a volunteer to play with Luke in the playroom so I could attend Abe's PT,OT sessions.  Abe had tons of PT, OT, recreational therapy. He enjoyed drawing buses in the playroom and taking the stander down to the playroom. Both kids are currently asleep. I am waiting for Luke to wake up so him and I can leave so I can eat dinner. It's getting so late I might just wake up him now and hope he goes back to sleep before 1am. Yesterday was rough I had nausea, vomiting and severe pain my back which I attribute to a kidney stone. I almost went to ER or urgent care but the pain subsided. The pediatricians were so nice and supportive during the kidney stone pain I endured but most pediatricians are very caring doctors to begin with. I have a doctor's appointment this week but I really don't want to travel the distance and leave Abe in a hospital alone just to be told yes you have a kidney stone, CT will call to schedule you,drink plenty of water, ect. I am feeling better today but I was in pain in the morning. I sure hope I can pass the stone without medical intervention but I know I need to be strong to care for both boys. Abe got to pedal a trike around the unit and he looked so happy. The PT was impressed by his skill. He was taught early by PT, OT and private OT at school to pedal a trike. His feet were casted again to help stretch his tendons in the back of his ankles to keep his feet in a neural position, he has a tendency to toe point due to the CP. I have enjoyed all the Starbucks the hospital has.  Abe is getting stronger every day and shows a desire to move. Tuesday a young visitor, 6 year old boy and his mom came to visit. The boys were cracking up and Abe told him that I "sugared him up" which I did with the root beer float I ordered for him. The children's pastor of Christ the Rock, Pastor Dave, came to visit today and brought some chocolate, lemon to add to water to help my kidney stone. He prayed for Abe and our family. A mom I met at a baby wearing group gave him a tula baby carrier I could borrow since Luke is getting too big for the Ergo. I carried Abe in the Ergo for a long time, till age 3 but he was much skinnier than Luke. We appreciate all the support we have, for friends and respite care. Not sure what I will do when we lose respite care in October. I will update as I can. My typing is keeping Abe awake.

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