Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Abe will be getting his first bike in the morning,an early Christmas gift. An OT has modified a regular tricycle so he can sit on it and his feet will be fastening to the pedals. We are so excited and he will ask for it every day. At school he asks to ride the bike there. We already have a helmet for him. He has enjoyed riding in a toddler seat attached to Glenn's bike, however I bet he will enjoy riding his own.  Hopefully summer will actually happen in Washington. It still gets in the 30's at night here. His last day of school was today until September. He has enjoyed riding the bus to school and gets excited when he hears and sees the bus come and pick him up. We might continue the bus however I still have reservations about how loose the car seats are attached to the seat. I was taught the seat should barely move at all. These ones move a lot and through out the day multiple kids get in and out of them. He will have PT and OT for a few weeks at school during the summer however his teacher felt that he did not need the classroom instruction. She anticipates him to continue to progress even without school for the next several months. He will be starting ABA therapy with a new provider and company. We just had too many scheduling difficulties with the other company plus I sent several emails and left voice mails and no response back other than "I am rearranging my schedule". I don't have time to send multiple emails and make phone calls just to schedule an appointment. I wasted so much time with this. Hoping for a fresh start and for behavior changes with the new ABA therapist. If you don't know what ABA is just Google it. It is typically used for children with autism however kids with other developmental delays and or brain injury have benefited from it. I plan to have Abe tested for autism since people always ask me if he is autistic. He sees neurodevelopment next week. I am currently sick with a cold but Abe is fine so far. Just hoping not to get whooping cough since Washington has the highest incidence in the nation. Abe, Glenn and I have all been immunized for pertussis, AKA whooping cough, so hopefully we won't get it. Abe is older and stronger now too so an insult like pertussis won't knock him down as hard although it is fatal especially for the very young. Abe has increased his vocabulary big time, he even says "bless you" when someone sneezes, he asks to pray and says amen.  He must listen to our prayers because when we asked him to pray he said "house go, go, go". I interpreter this as "house sell". Our Bremerton house is still on the market for sell. Thankfully we are still active duty or not sure how we could pay 2 house payments every month plus utilities. In addition he will ask for "help" occasionally rather than cry. This past weekend I tried to rest since I am sick and he would go to the door and ask daddy to help him open it so he could get to me. I guess he wanted to comfort me. Over Memorial Day weekend we went to the Island Lake military appreciate day and Abe actually enjoyed the bounce house (with me in there with him). He used to be terrified of them. We are looking forward to many summer activities including a visit from his aunt, uncle and cousin next week. I will continue to update as he grows and makes progress.

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