Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm 2

Abe is 2 years old, well he will be at 455am. Wow hard to believe that 2 years ago today we went to church, came home and I took a nap. Later that day we watched the movie Fireproof then a few hours after going to bed my water broke and 4 hours later our son was born 14 1/2 weeks early. We celebrated his birthday this past weekend with friends. He is trying to sit up but still needs some practicing. He is also getting braces for his feet to keep his toes from pointing downward. After he gets them he will fitted for a stander. This is a device that he can be strapped into and will allow him to play in a standing position. This will strengthen his truck muscles. He seeing neurology, dentist and the eye doctor this month. We are ruling out seizures and he will have an EEG later this month. The one in July 2009 was abnormal however this was no surprise to the neurologist given the bilateral grad IV brain bleeds. Abe is learning to eat bigger pieces of food and started drinking some cow's milk out of a sipping cup. He will hold it with his left hand and drink it himself, well he spills some too. He will do this for daddy but really for me. While in his high chair he usually just throws it. We thought about doing a night time breastfeeding wean but we both agree that he is not ready for it. I plan to continue breastfeeding longer. I know some people are probably thinking, “he is 2 years old”. He officially learned how breastfeed April 2010 so we are no hurry. We might try the night time wean when Glenn comes home in the summer or if Abe shows signs of wanting to wean. The nurse at Naval Hospital advised but that he would only receive one more synagist,protection shot for RSV. I was not satisfied with that answer so I double checked with the pulmonary doctor at Children's. She wants Abe to receive until RSV season is over. Abe has managed to stay out of the inpatient side since our Arizona trip in September. His pediatrician left the practice to be a stay at home mom. We will miss her however he sees Dr. Wilde now and will have a 24 month old check next week. While I was recovering from surgery Glenn spent time caring for Abe and unpacking our house. This made a little more room for Abe's medical equipment. I am thankful that Glenn got to come home. I had a skin reaction to the blue dye used in the surgical prep plus a bladder infection and post operative pain. I occasionally still get some pain but I am able to care for and lift Abe again. The rash is still there but significantly faded. Glenn will be returning back to his ship and will be gone until summer time. My mom is here for a few weeks. Other things in our life; our 5th wedding anniversary is the 14th, we have only been together one of the 5 and we spent that time at the NICU, we organizers at IKEA which gave us a lot more space, someone has destroyed or completely took our trash can twice in the 3 weeks Glenn was home. They run it over in their truck. We think it may have been the neighbors who were recently asked to move by their landlord. Oh well at least they did not damage our vehicles. This makes it difficult to get trash out of our house. Thankfully we have a trash compacter but it is currently reached it maxed. We would put the bag of trash out tonight but animals may tear it apart. Oh well in some countries there is no waste management to pick up the trash weekly. I am not sure if anyone even reads this blog any longer or not but I still plan to update at least monthly. Pictures can be found on Face Book. I have not updated pictures there lately but it was a busy month, with my surgery and Abe's appointments. Prayer requests: Abe's EEG goes well and he does not show evidence of seizures, the braces and stander work out for him. Also pray for my friend Janet Daniel, her daughter was in a car accident this weekend and was placed on life support. Another friend had a 2 week old baby girl that is super ill. Thanks and Happy February. Spring is almost here.

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  1. hey! i still follow your blog! you're in my google reader and it's nice to be able to get all of the info for a month or two in one post since i just can't keep up on facebook that much any more! way to go abe! I think it's time for a new header picture of that handsome little man you have!