Friday, September 10, 2010

7th admission-

Bummer that is all I can say. Abe has been vomiting, irritable and had a fever so we brought him to Phoenix Children's Hospital on Wednesday night. This hospital is way different than Seattle. He is still vomiting, treated with IV antibiotics for ear infection. they are also looking at his VP shunt, potential VP shunt failure or infection. I am waiting for the results of the abdominal ultrasound to see if a cyst has developed at the tip of the shunt. I really want the neurosurgeon here to get in touch with neurosurgery in Seattle since I trust them and they know my kid and his complexity. I will make sure to get a copy of ct films before I ever leave town again. Might have to cancel San Diego trip. I need to get back to Abe's room so I can talk to neurosurgeon. He is currently sleeping in his swing but was refusing to eat ice cream, yes my kid was refusing ice cream so you know something seriously is wrong. Pray for him and for me. The nurses last night were extra quite so we could sleep.

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