Monday, July 26, 2010

July 2010

This is the monthly update at the end of the month. Better late than never. Abe's surgery was canceled because he was admitted for a respiratory infection in June. We tried to manage it at home but he was not maintaining his oxygen saturations and was not eating. He spent 5 nights at Children's Hospital. He is doing well now, gained back the weight he lost. He was 19 lbs 12 oz at last week's appoinment. He is also getting so tall. His surgery will be in August. If everything goes smoothly then he will be taking his first airplane trip (he was on a helicopter that the day he was born) to Arizona. We also plan to drive to San Diego from Phoenix to visit our friends there. For safety reasons I am not posting actual dates in this blog. I can personally give you exact dates privately. He started parent/child swimming. The pool is cold but he seems to enjoy being in the water. The goal was to loosen his muscles but he is pretty tight in there due to the temperature. He is exhibiting normal toddler behaviors, he drops his toys and laughs, knocks the spoon out of my hand. He is currently getting his molars in, oh fun. He is eating more solids but still prefers pureed foods. We are working on more advanced foods and textures. He loves Mexican food, beans and rice with melted cheese. He has a new OT through Holly Ridge. He started his little tikes therapy class. He does okay but some times gets over stimulated with the other kids there. The class is weekly at 9am. This is difficult for us because we are both late night people. He has PT weekly, baby story time and OT 3 times per month. He says mom or momma when he needs something. His muscle control is delayed but he is getting stronger. He wants to type on my computer right now. will update after his surgery in August.

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