Friday, June 18, 2010

June 2010

It has been awhile since I updated here. Again I update with pictures on face book almost daily. Abe had a cold a while back and so did Glenn. Abe did not have to be admitted this time around because he continued to eat and did not require oxygen. The big oxygen tank has been removed from our home, yeah. Glenn and some people from church assisted him in puting down Oak hardwood flooring in the front room. Ideally we wanted to do the entire house, minus the bathrooms but Glenn ran out of time. He deployed with his ship this week. It has been a rough week for some strange reason. Usually deployments don't start out this bad. This is our first one, other than him being gone for 3 months for training, since Abe was born. Maybe it is more difficult because he was gone, came home for 1 month then deployed. That month went so fast. he got a lot done even with the cold. Abe might have a minor cold again and he is scheduled for surgery Monday morning at Children's Hospital. He saw his doctor today and she suggested to keep the surgery scheduled and see how he does over the weekend. He is still waking up at night which is could be the sleep apnea. The sleep study is in November. He is progressing social skills, loves to drop all of his toys, especially the big ones onto the floor to hear the crash. He giggles his head off when he does this too. Pictures were not updated on this because it requires both Glenn and my computer for some reason. Please pray that his surgery goes well. He might go home that day or be admitted. We are not sure. If he is admitted it will probably be just over night. We plan to take it easy next week after his surgery. We have been busy walking, play groups and I started doing more with my Mary Kay. I would love to start scrapbooking again. Just when to find the time???Abe only naps on the go. He will nap at home if I hold him but I gently put him down and he wakes up crying. I pat his belly and he just continues. I walk again and it gets louder. The solution is for me to walk to get exercise and he gets to nap. This does not help the house stay clean. He is getting molars in. He has tooth decay which was very disappointing to hear. I heard this is common for premature babies and babies with a history of reflux. That is it for now I need to continue preparing for Monday's surgery. I will try to update after his surgery.


  1. You are an amazing mama and that boy is blessed! I have started keeping a stack of precut paper at my desk so I can scribble down a sentance about each kid from time to time, and eventually i'll just put it in their scrapbooks when things settle down with the new baby.

  2. Praying that everything goes well! Love you guys!