Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baby Goddard #2 is a

BOY. This is information for you non Face Book people. He had his back turned the entire ultrasound and never opened his hands or moved his right arm. Hands held tightly in a fist can be a sign of Trisomy 18 however he might have just been sleeping. His legs were long and extended out. In fact they measured bigger than 21 weeks gestation. Since they were not able to get a good look at his face, heart and are concerned about his hands a repeat ultrasound will take place in 4 weeks. This ultrasound will be 3D which gives an even bigger look than 2D. I am nervous about his tight hands, extended legs and his heart valves looked floppy to me. I do see an family practice doctor in a few weeks at OB clinic, (have no idea why I would be seeing family practice when I am high risk OB patient but oh well) so hopefully he or she can give me more detailed information about the ultrasound.My blood work showed 1 in 400 risk for chromosomal abnormalities so 399 healthy babies and 1 with a chromosomal defect. The blood work is not 100% accurate but even the ultrasound can not completely rule out problems. Only  when the baby is born can a problem be identified or even after age 1. Just prayers for healthy baby and that we come up with a name for a boy. We had a girl's name picked out but not a boy's.

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