Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby gates

Wow Abe made it through the baby gate, down the drop off and made it all the way to the stairs. I caught him there playing with a piece of paper that he had just threw to the first step. He seemed so happy until I picked him up and moved him back to a safe place. This past week was difficult for us. The neighbor kept having parties that started at 2am, I had my MRI and I just wanted/needed sleep. She said sorry today and really seemed sincere. I had been praying for her thanks for advice from other people. So glad the MRI is over however I called to make an appointment for results and I was told June. Really 2 months to get results of something complex like an MRI. I did not get one just because. The doctor ordered it to further investigate why I have blood in my urine and protein and dilation of the urethra. I think they also looked at the shape of the uterus. This will determine if it is truly heart shaped. I think I want at least one more kid but am scared. Plus I see many moms with multiple kids and it appears to be more difficult than having one special needs kid. Abe got to ride a horse today with assistance and loved it. Also I helped him down the slide and he also enjoyed that. I am working on getting more speech therapy. Currently he gets 30 mins once a month and the neurodevelopmental ARNP wants weekly. I know a new speech therapist in the area that accepts Tricare. Now it is just a matter of getting the authorization changed to a private provider and out of Holly Ridge. Abe and I will be going to the zoo to celebrate Mother's Day and we are also doing the Duck Tour thanks to Starlight Foundation. The count down begins till Glenn comes home. It breaks my heart to hear Abe ask for "da, da, da, da" every time the phone rings. He thinks the other person is always da,da. We had a busy, busy week. He is sleeping and so should I.

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