Sunday, January 24, 2010


On 2/2/10 Abe will officially be 1, can you believe it? God surely has done some great work for this boy. He had his first birthday party this weekend and he was dedicated at the church service. We had fun at the birthday party. Thanks to all of you that attended. We appreciate all the love and support that our family has received over the last year during our ups and downs, celebrations and re-hospitalizations. Glenn will be leaving for 3 months next week. He will come home for a short time then will be deployed to Diego Garcia until next year. He has only required oxygen 3 times over the last 3 weeks while he is sleeping at night. Since he removes the nasal cannula off his face we just keep the oxygen on blow by at 0.1 liters per minute. I can officially take him off of the monitor but I don't feel comfortable. His last blood work was normal, yeah, no more respiratory acidosis. Now we just need to keep him healthy. He will be receiving the RSV immunoglobin this week and he seeing neurosurgery. His last CT scan was stable. Sorry if I am repeating prior information. I don't update as much as I use to. Probably because I have a lot more to do now than sit around a hospital. I meet friends to walk around the mall, bible studies, MOPs and shopping. He was almost 18 pounds at this last appointment. There are some new pictures. You have to click on the top pictures then select Glenn picasa, "Abraham's birthday". Glenn just re-enlisted for another 6 years. I will update again if anything changes with the CT scan this week.


  1. Amy White from your church suggested I check out your blog. My son's due date was May 3, 2007 and he was born 2/16/07. He was 2.2 pounds, 13 3/4 inches long. Sounds like you had premature labor. I had severe preeclampsia and was hospitalized for 16 days at UW before they decided we couldn't hold out any longer. Looking at your story I see what a difference those 16 days made. We did not have any lingering respiratory issues. He came home at 2 months old with no monitors. But I was really scared and wished I had one, so I think you should just use it as long as you want. RSV was such an ordeal for us too! I see in your Christmas letter Abe says mama already! Reese was literally over 2 yrs old before he could say Mama. He's still only 3rd percentile in size. You can see our little guy at Please get in touch if you need anything!

    This is a blogger mom of a 24 week preemie.