Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well Abe had the CT scan today. His ventricles in his brain have increased in size and unfortunately the neurosurgeon would like to put in a VP shunt (drain that goes from his brain to his abdomen) next week. I am not sure about the day yet. The neurology nurse practitioner said that neurosurgery does their surgeries on Thursdays and Fridays. We would have to come for a pre-op appointment then surgery the next day. I am hoping they can set up something for us to stay over night near the hospital, such as Fisher House or Ronald McDonald. I assume that they would want him here early the next day. I am very disappointed because VP shunts are a lifelong thing to manage. It is internal however it limits certain activities, there is risk of infection and malfunction which would be an emergency. I just really want to be done with all of this. Why can't I just have a normal child where reaction to immunizations or a cold are my biggest concerns rather than will he ever fully eat like a normal child or walk. The EEG was abnormal as well; A seizure disorder was not diagnosed because the test is "normal for a child with the extent of brain injury that he has and being premature". He will not be started on seizure medications at this time. The VP shunt placement can cause seizures however not having one placed could cause further damage to the brain and no progression of development. I see all these mothers carry there babies around in just a carrier without all the gear or fears that have. I am not too Kean on him being intubated for major surgery. Will this set him back developmentally with his oral feedings and potential oxygen wean? I also question will he make it out of surgery or will God finally decide that his poor soul has served it's purpose and does not want him tortured him any longer. I don't know. He has been a blessing, his beautiful eyes, his dimples and the way he crawls on Glenn when he holds him. I hope he will come out of surgery okay however God knows what the outcome will be. Other children have under gone much riskier surgeries okay. Just when progress is being made this could potentially cause a back slide in everything since hospitalized children tend to regress a little developmentally. Sort of like an adult who does not feel well. We don't feel too good after surgery and it takes a while to fully function in our daily activities. For an infant that would be eating and learning to roll over, lift head, ect. I am waiting for traffic and the heat to calm down. For those of you outside of WA, I heard it was over 100 degrees here. I am sure those in AZ are like so, what it is not a dry heat and most people don't have AC. I figured we would leave when the sun starts to set however that makes for more than a 12 day away from home. We do have two room AC however it's not the same as central AC. We will keep you posted. Please pray that Abe will fly Thur this surgery without problems or set backs, that Glenn and I can cope with it. Glenn has been very busy at work so the timing on this is not great however the surgeon does not want to postpone. I hear that the neurosurgeons don't just do surgery to do it they really weigh benefits and risks especially in young infants. He said that he prefers not to do it however it is medically necessary at this point. The neurologist wants an MRI too. Abe is getting upset, gotta go

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